About Us

Multi-cultural Cuisine

Mustard Graphics have been operating in the North West of the UK since March 2000, and our international team have been working in the Design, Internet, & IT industries for well over 30 years.

Our team leadership consists of a careful blend of both American and English Mustard: Our General Manager is from California, and has been living in the UK and working in the Design industry here since 1992, and prior to that, he lived and worked in the Design & Computer industries in Southern California for over 9 years – he even worked for Apple Computer for 1.5 years just before coming over here. Our Creative Manager is a native of Bury, and has been working in the Graphic Design and New Media industries for over 25 years. The rest of our team are all local lads and round off our range of English Mustard with their respective skills.


Irresistible Ingredients

At Mustard Graphics, we use a wide range of hardware, software and traditional techniques as ingredients in all of our recipes. With this magical mix, we are able to cook-up some decidedly delicious dishes that are made to order, using both New Media and “Old” Media.


No Cowboys Here!

Despite the fact that we have a Californian as one of our team leaders, we’re no flaky, fly-by-night, “cowboy” outfit. Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with all of our customers by providing services that are high-quality, reliable, and consistent. Your success is ultimately our success, and your recommendation of our services is worth more than any other advertising. We might be a little crazy, but we’re not stupid!